A collection of documents related to Infopipes.

A Framework for Quality-Adaptive Media Streaming: Encode Once Stream Anywhere
This dissertation presents a general design strategy for streaming media applications in best effort computing and networking environments. Our target application scenario is video streaming using commodity computers and the Internet. In this scenario, where resource reservations and admission control mechanisms are generally not available, effective streaming should be able to adapt to variations in bandwidth in a responsive and graceful manner. The design strategy we propose is based on a single simple idea, adaptation by priority data dropping, or priority drop for short. We evaluate the efficacy of priority drop in the video and networking domains. (partial abstract)
Architectural considerations for a new generation of protocols
Abstract. The current generation of protocol architectures, such as TCP/IP or the ISO suite, seem successful at meeting the demands of todays networks. However, a number of new requirements have been proposed for the networks of tomorrow, and some innovation in protocol structuring may be necessary. In this paper, we review some key requirements for tomorrow's networks, and propose some architectural principles to structure a new generation of protocols. In particular, this paper identifies two new design principles, Application Level Framing and Integrated Layer Processing. Additionally, it identifies the presentation layer as a key aspect of overall protocol performance.
The Berkeley Highway Laboratory
Info on the Berkeley data sets (not yet available online, but can be requested). Also, how to read the data sets. Appears to be so-called event-level data.